Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern welcomes visitors from China

On Saturday, Sept. 16, the University hosted a delegation of 18 municipal officials from Beijing as they toured coastal Georgia to learn how to strengthen both their economies and their local governments. The visitors are part of a joint project of the Beijing Administrative College and the University of Georgia.

The 18 Chinese”mostly agency representatives in their 30s and 40s”have already benefited from a month of economic development courses in Beijing. They are visiting Georgia to see American governance in action, and they hope that exposure to American know-how and experience will translate into a more prosperous China. While here they visited farms growing cotton, peanuts, soybeans, and tobacco, taking home a better understanding of how these products are grown.

The delegation was greeted by Dr. Jane Hudak, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and two members of her college, Aretha Liu and Edward Gui Gaohua . Liu is a visiting professor of English from Central Normal University in Wuhan, China, who is currently teaching Chinese in the Department of Foreign Languages at Georgia Southern. Edward Gui Gaohua is a graduate student from Central Normal University in Wuhan. The group enjoyed lunch in the President’s Dining Room at Georgia Southern before moving on to their next stop in Brinswick.

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