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Irish Series focuses on Celtic identity

Throughout the fall, the Center for Irish Studies at Georgia Southern University is presenting a series of lectures, discussions and workshops focusing on the seven Celtic nations and the larger topic of regionalism among those nations.

The series continues Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. with ‘Celticness: The Modern Invention of an Identity,” a lecture and discussion by Barbara Hendry, associate professor of anthropology, and Howard Keeley, assistant professor of literature and director of the Center for Irish Studies. Their talk will take place in Room 1004 of the College of Information Technology Building, and it is free and open to the public.

Well into the twentieth century, many have thought the Celts to be an ancient Indo-European race that invaded Britain, Ireland and nearby regions during the Copper and Bronze Ages. Archaeologists and paleolinguists are increasingly convinced that such an invasion never occurred but that the Celtic footprint in the Atlantic lands, now known as Celtic, was only partial the result of trade, not war.

In their lecture, Hendry and Keeley will outline and assess several key Celtic awakenings in modern Europe. They will trace an arc to our times, while considering the individuals and initiatives that produced modern Celticity.

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