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Who created Georgia Southern’s Centennial logo?

Once Georgia Southern University’s Centennial logo was unveiled, the question on everyone’s lips was, ‘Who designed it?” The answer came from Connie Palfy, assistant to the Vice President for Business and Finance.

‘The administration was very impressed with the work of Eric Rickabaugh of Rickabaugh Graphics in Columbus, Ohio, and selected him to create the logo,” said Palfy. ‘We met Eric through the International Collegiate Licensing Association (ICLA), and he’s created logos for many universities, for sports teams and leagues, and for celebrities. His work is well-respected.”

Rickabaugh spent nearly two days on campus and talked with more than 70 people, including faculty members and students in the classroom. He met with University historian Del Presley to gain a sense of what has been symbolic of Georgia Southern over the years.

The column design of the logo reflects the facade of the Pittman Administration Building, a building that has symbolized Georgia Southern for most of the century. It had round columns for many years before its renovation. The logo combines the traditional look of the historic campus with the modern Avant Garde typeface, which is also used in the University’s main logo. Reproduced in the University’s colors of blue and white with and accent of gold, the logo has both a standard version and a version that incorporates the Centennial theme, ‘A Century of Progress, Pride and Promise.”

For more information about Rickabaugh’s work, go to his Web site at

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