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Spring Cultural Book Club Discussions to get underway

The Multicultural Student Center at Georgia Southern University will host three Cultural Book Club Discussions throughout the spring semester on Jan. 24, Feb. 21 and April 18.

‘Curriculum is all around us and this is an excellent opportunity for students to apply curriculum to interests they may have outside the formal classroom,” said Consuela Pender, director of the Multicultural Student Center.

The first book club discussion will be held during Religious Awareness Week at noon, Wednesday, Jan. 24, at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries located on Chandler Road. ‘Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith,” written by Rob Bell, will be facilitated by Todd Deal, professor of chemistry. The book is an introduction to the Christian faith describing what it means to follow God in today’s society.

The second book club discussion will be held at noon, Wednesday, Feb. 21, in Russell Union Room 2044 during Black Awareness Month. ‘The Covenant with Black America,” written by Tavis Smiley, will be facilitated by Ron Bailey, professor of history. The book is considered a blueprint for addressing critical issues that confront the African-American community. Its purpose is to inspire the reader to action.

The final book club discussion of the semester will be held at noon, Wednesday, April 18, in Russell Union Room 2044 in conjunction with Holocaust Remembrance. ‘The Reader,” written by Bernhard Schlink, will be facilitated by John Steinberg, associate professor of history. The book tells of a love affair between a young man and older woman during World War II in Nazi Germany. It follows their lives to a meeting several years later at a war crimes trial.

For more information, contact the Multicultural Student Center at 912-681-5409.

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