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18th National Youth-A-Risk conference is March 4-7

The 18th annual National Youth-A-Risk Conference, an event that brings more than 1,400 teachers, principals, social workers, law enforcement officers, parents, and community members together to develop successful programs for empowering youth, is set for Sunday to Wednesday, March 4-7, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Savannah, Ga.

In addition to Kimberly Oliver, 2006 National Teacher of the Year, keynote speakers include Adolph Brown III, associate professor of psychology at Hampton University and founder of the Clubwellness Group; urban sociologist Pedro Noguera, professor of education and director of the Metro Center for Research on Urban Schools and Globalization, New York University; and Christine Sleeter, a researcher in multicultural teacher education at California State University.

Themes for the conference this year include

  •  Closing the achievement gaps and promoting learning for all students in a democratic society
  •  Fostering social and emotional skills of all children and youth and enhancing the social climate
  •  Preventing violence and ensuring safety, including cyber safety, for all children and youth
  •  Promoting the mental and physical health of all children and youth
  •  Developing and enhancing family and community support for all children and youth

This conference offers an opportunity for colleagues with a common interest to come together to share resources and ideas, and to work toward collaborative solutions. In addition to the keynote addresses, there will be more than 100 workshops and training sessions featuring successful programs from across the nation.

The National Youth-At-Risk Conference is sponsored by the College of Education and the Continuing Education Center at Georgia Southern University. Conference participants are eligible to receive continuing education credits from a variety of organizations.

Go to the conference Web site at to register and to learn more about the National Youth-At-Risk Conference, or call Georgia Southern’s Center for Continuing Education at 912-871-1760.


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