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Parents Association helps students’ and parents’ make the transition to Georgia Southernf

For parents who want to be involved in their child’s transition to higher education, Georgia Southern University offers an option that increasing numbers of parents are choosing: a Parents Association, created to serve as a method of information exchange, a forum for discussion, and a way to encourage parents to get involved with the University.

‘The Parents Association is an exciting part of my work,” said Vince Miller, assistant director of Admissions, who oversees the Orientation and Parent Programs at Georgia Southern. ‘Parent involvement adds a whole new dimension to recruitment, orientation, and admissions events. Our membership has grown from about 400 families last year to nearly 700 families this year, and we expect that number to continue to rise.”

For a $30 annual membership fee, parents get a variety of benefits: the Georgia Southern Magazine; a Parents Association discount card, with food and lodging discounts at locations near the University; a subscription to the Parent Programs newsletter; a Parent Handbook and Calendar; and an opportunity for their student to apply for a Parents Association Scholarship. If they wish, parents may pay $100 and join for the duration of their student’s academic career at Georgia Southern.

During summer orientation sessions, the Parents Association hosts a parents information session, where parents have an opportunity to meet with members of the Parents Council, which plans, directs, and supports the work of the association. During the year, parents who do not live near Georgia Southern are invited to assist the Office of Admissions with recruitment events that take place near their homes. The next Parents Association gathering will be at Georgia Southern’s Family Weekend, Oct. 5-7, when the Fall General Membership Breakfast and Meeting will take place.

In 2006-07, the funds raised through Parents Association membership fees were used for grants to train ShuttleGus student drivers, to sponsor First Year Experience speakers, and to support student attendance at the Dining for Success etiquette and interview events. The Parents Association also provided 13 scholarships (a total of $6,500) to students whose parents are members.

All parents of Georgia Southern University students are invited to become members of the Parents Association. More information and a membership form are available at or call 912-871-1987.

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