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Georgia Southern University and Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Sponsor “Save A Life” Tour

The Office of Health Education and Promotion at Georgia Southern University, and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety are sponsoring the nationally recognized ‘Save A Life” tour. The tour is part of the National College Alcohol Awareness Week.

The ‘Save a Life” tour’s state-of-the-art interactive drunk driving simulator will be at the Recreation Activity Center Wednesday, Oct. 31, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The tour includes simulators that give the participant the feeling of impaired driving with the simulated affects of alcohol gradually increasing. The simulator incorporates the same technology used to train military and law enforcement personnel.

Two additional large screen displays reveal what each driver sees, the face of the driver, a helicopter view of the driver’s vehicle in traffic and an indicator level of the driver’s impairment as it gradually worsens. True to real life, the driver in the simulation is typically involved in a serious accident.

Every driver will be served with a simulated citation as a powerful reminder of his or her driving under the influence.

‘Driving under the influence not only results in taking your own life into your hands, but others in the community”, said La’Shanda Johnson, assistant director of Health Services at Georgia Southern University. ‘The result of one poor decision can impact hundreds of people and our hope is that the Save a Life tour will help people think before they drink and drive.”

For more information, contact La’Shanda Johnson, assistant director in Health Services, at or call Health Services at 912-681-5641. For more information about the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, visit:

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