Georgia Southern University

Updated Bacterial Meningitis Media Statement

An undergraduate student at Georgia Southern University residing off-campus was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and was treated with prophylactic medication and immediately transported to the East Georgia Regional Medical Center for additional testing and treatment. The student, following early and effective treatment, has been released from the hospital.

The general public is not at risk and those individuals who had close contact with the individual have been treated with antibiotics. No other cases have been reported.

The Bulloch County Department of Public Health was notified and appropriate infection control measures were taken to contain further infection. It is important to note that the student in question only had close personal contact with a limited number of individuals. The University and the Bulloch County Public Health Infection Control staff will continue to monitor the situation as a precaution.

The Georgia Southern University Department of Health Service will continue to answer any questions and manage any student, faculty or staff concerns.

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