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Georgia Southern University College of Health and Human Sciences Launches New Web Site

Fred Whitt, dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences at Georgia Southern University, has been getting a few more e-mails and phone calls than he’s used to, ever since his college’s new Web site went live online.

Whitt, his assistant dean, Alan Woodrum, and Dan Czech, associate professor of health and kinesiology, began developing ideas for the new interactive site more than a year and a half ago. They wanted a visual, student-centered site that would resonate with ‘echo boomers,” the genetic offspring and demographic echo of their parents, the baby boomers. To succeed, the site needed to tell the CHHS story, grab the attention of prospective students, be user-friendly for faculty, staff, and current students, and offer a ‘wow” factor”an attribute that would make visitors to the site respond with a resounding ‘wow!”

On the Web site, students speak about the college’s in ‘hands-on and in-touch” approach, offering student learning that extends beyond the classroom. Student guides offer video tours of undergraduate and graduate programs in Nursing, Health and Kinesiology, and Hospitality, Tourism, and Family.

In addition to information about the student-centered programs offered in CHHS, the new Web site demonstrates how the college that involves its programs, faculty, and students in the community through the Child Development Center, the Magnolia Coastlands Area Health Education Center, the Rural Nursing Program, the Coaching Education Outreach program, and the Senior Companion Program. The college is also embarking on a new initiative with the local hospital and Public Health Department to decrease childhood obesity in Bulloch County.

‘One of the real highlights of the site, and one that seems to catch everyone’s attention, is the CHHS Challenge Game,” said Whitt. ‘It’s a great way to get prospective students to check out the site. It provides important facts about our college, and it engages them while we tell the CHHS story.”

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