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“My Brother’s War: Chapter 1” opens April 4 at Legends Gallery

When her brother, Gary, was drafted into the Vietnam War in 1967, Jessica Hines’ world changed drastically. At the age of eight, with parents who were unable to care for her, Hines was sent to live with relatives. She didn’t see her beloved brother for two years.

As an adult and artist, Hines tells Gary’s story, and hers, through ‘My Brother’s War: Chapter 1,” an exhibit that will open Friday, April 4 in the Legends Gallery at the Averitt Center in downtown Statesboro. An opening reception will take place from 6:30 to 9 p.m. that evening.

‘With the intention of going beyond the deeply personal, my images are meant to be received by a broad audience,” writes Hines. ‘They speak of memory, personal tragedy and loss, and visually express my inquisitiveness into the nature of reality. They are made with a balance of both heart and mind.”

Those who view the exhibit will notice toys and references to childhood games and imagination in Hines’ photographs. When Hines’ father was a child during World War 1, he made the drawings of fighting soldiers that appear in images from My Brother’s War: Chapter 1.”

‘My Brother’s War” is an ongoing work that has evolved by chapters. Hines is now working on chapter 3, and will return to Vietnam in May to continue her work.

Hines studied fine art photography at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., where she earned a BFA and then an MFA from the University of Illinois. She combines her background in painting with traditional and alternative processes in photography. Respected for her creative approach in constructed imagery, she lectures on her work and teaches workshops internationally.

Hines’ work is found in both public and private collections and has been exhibited in nearly 100 solo and group exhibitions both nationally and abroad. Her work has been widely published, most recently in Camera Arts, Shots and The New Yorker. In September 2007 Hines traveled to Pingyao, China, where her work from My Brother’s War series was exhibited. A book is scheduled to be published by Mets & Schilt in Amsterdam in the fall of 2009. For more information, her Web site is

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