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Georgia Southern University Launches Roommate Selection Service

More than 600 freshmen attending Georgia Southern University beginning this fall semester have already chosen their roommates, thanks to Georgia Southern University has signed an agreement with the service to allow new students who plan to live in on-campus housing to choose their own roommates by creating their own profile and then choosing a potential roommate.

‘Using involves the student as an active participant in the selection process,” says Vickie Hawkins, director of University Housing. ‘For those students that do not already have a roommate lined up prior to beginning their freshman year, this tool will provide them with a choice and opportunity to live with people that closely match their interests.”

Before utilizing, the University provided each student with the opportunity to complete a 15-question survey with the results ultimately used to assign roommates. However, research showed that the result was about the same as a random assignment and the student had less involvement in the selection process.

‘For students to benefit from making a roommate choice, we have to get them engaged in the process,” says Jon Coleman, assistant director of administrative services for University Housing. ‘If their roommate relationship is happy, students do better, have a better time, and stay in college. Satisfaction is high and stress is low, and when they come to Housing with roommate problems, we can support them in working on their relationships.”

Once a person is authenticated as a future Georgia Southern University student, they can log in to the site, take a survey, and create their own profile. The student can then upload as many as five photos and place a personal message. Once their profile is in, they can search for a roommate by major, by building, or just browse the site. When they spot a likely match, they can send a blind e-mail or, if they choose, open a conversation.

University Housing is offering the option to incoming freshmen that will begin classes in August. The University will evaluate the system and then decide whether to implement the system for all students living on campus.

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