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Georgia Southern University Making Dining Plans More Flexible

Georgia Southern University students will have more flexibility and a number of new options when it comes to selecting when and where to dine on-campus.  While the majority of the changes will be available beginning Fall 2011, Eagle Dining Services will make some changes this summer.

Georgia Southern University’s current dining plans work on a per day basis. For instance, a 10-plan is structured so that students have two meals per day, Monday through Friday. Likewise, the 14-plan is two meals per day, Monday through Sunday and the 19-plan is three meals per day, Monday through Friday and two meals per day, Saturday and Sunday. The current structure, according to surveys conducted by the University, limits flexibility and choice regarding when and how often students eat.

“We have heard from students and seen the need to create more flexibility and dining options for all our dining plan holders,” said Jeff Yawn, director of Eagle Dining Services at Georgia Southern University. “The new per week structure and new options will provide our students with more choices than ever before.  Even better, they will have more flexibility to choose when they eat, which is perfect for today’s busy college student.”

The new per week dining plan structure will begin Fall 2011, providing a number of new options.  Students will now be able to use their dining plans anytime Monday through Sunday; however, in order to ensure consistent meals throughout the week, students may not exceed the use of four dining plans in one day. With this structure, a student may use the total number of meals they have for that week anytime Monday through Sunday. Plans will roll over each day up until Sunday, at which point any unused dining plans will not be redeemable.

New Additions

In addition to making its dining plans more flexible, Georgia Southern will be making changes to its current dining plan offerings.

The current 5-plan will be changed to a 6-plan and the 14-plan will change to a 15-plan. “By increasing these two plans by one meal we address our students’ interest in providing an additional meal to balance the week,” said Yawn.  Both plans may be used Monday through Sunday in the fall.

Georgia Southern will begin making changes to its Dining Plans this summer with the addition of the 6-plan and allowing all plans to roll Monday through Friday. Summer plans will not roll through Sunday due to the University’s dining locations being closed during the weekends. The only dining facility that will be open on the weekends during the summer is the Landrum Center, which hosts a regular Sunday Brunch, also open to the public. Even though summer plans only roll Monday through Friday, students will now have the opportunity to use their dining plan at the University’s popular Sunday Brunch. As with all of the new additions, dining plan holders will not exceed the use of four dining plans in one day.

2011 Fall Plans


 19-Plan – 19 meals per week

15-Plan – 15 meals per week

10-Plan – 10 meals per week

6-Plan – 6 meals per week

3-Plan – 3 meals per week

 2011 Summer Plans

Monday-Friday + Landrum Sunday brunch

10-Plan – 10 meals per week

6-Plan – 6 meals per week

3-Plan – 3 meals per week

Faculty & Staff Savings

Students are not the only ones who will benefit from the changes.  Georgia Southern University faculty and staff will also benefit from the new options.  Yawn says that University employees who routinely eat breakfast and lunch on campus can take advantage of the new plans for additional savings.  “When you utilize a Georgia Southern Dining Plan, you receive additional discounts at the register that you would not receive had you paid with cash or credit card.  The additional savings, new options and flexibility benefit everyone, not just students,” said Yawn.  “Only a limited number of faculty and staff utilize our dining plans, but we know that many more will, given the savings and flexibility now available.”

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