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Albanian Delegation to Visit Georgia Southern

2-18 Albanian delegation to visit GSGeorgia Southern University’s Center for International Studies and the Department of Writing and Linguistics will host the first-ever delegation of students of law, political and social science from Albania and two prominent Albanian lawyers for an academic research and writing workshop Feb. 18 through  March 1.

Albania is the last of the formerly communist countries in Eastern Europe to begin transition to a democratic market economy. When the communist government collapsed in 1991, the people of Albania were poor, victims of human rights violations and unprepared to enter a global economy. Organizers hope the experience at Georgia Southern will help the Albanians improve lives and develop resources and infrastructure.

This academic and cultural exchange program emerges from the work Georgia Southern writing and linguistics professor Lori Amy, Ph.D., has been doing in Albania since her 2009 – 2010 Fulbright Scholars Fellowship. The Albanian Center for Public Policy, Political Science and Law volunteered to sponsor 10 Albanian students to come to this workshop to broaden their educational experience and gain the U.S. perspective on political and social science, public policy, international relations theory and law.

This trip is part of a long-term plan to build a sustainable partnership between Georgia Southern and Albanian academic, civil society and business partners. The visit of this Albanian delegation follows Georgia Southern’s first-ever Honors Study Abroad trip to Albania, Kosovo, Corfu and Montenegro last May. Georgia Southern study abroad students will assist with hosting the Albanian delegation.

The Albanian students will attend political science, business, international studies and writing and linguistics classes and also participate in cultural and intellectual activities on campus and in the community. Organizers believe this educational and cultural exchange will also teach U.S. students and people in Statesboro about the social, economic and political realities facing the people of Albania.

On Thursday, Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. in the Nessmith-Lane Conference Center, Georgia Southern political science professor Debra Sabia, Ph.D., will present a lecture titled “I Believe in You.” It will address the need for immigration reform and the mythologies of immigration to the U.S. The delegation will later travel to Atlanta to meet with former U.S. Senator Max Cleland and representatives from the People to People organization. For more information, contact Lori Amy at (912) 541-4353 or email

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