Office of Alcohol & Other Drugs Programs Observes National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week

“We hope that the events of the week will motivate students to drink responsibly, set healthy limits and never drive while under the influence of alcohol,” said Nicole Withers, administrative coordinator.

Nelson Family and Rotary Corporation Support Hall of Fame and Field of Dreams at Paulson Stadium

The family of the late Bill W. Nelson and Rotary Corporation, the company he built into an internationally-recognized leader in the outdoor power equipment industry, have made a major gift to the Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation. The announcement was made Thursday by University President Dr. Brooks A. Keel, Ph.D. , and Director of Athletics Tom Kleinlein.

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Office of Information Security Shares 5 Tips to Safely Using Social Media

“Cyber Security is a constant factor in our lives. In today’s world, we are dependent on our online presence for everything from banking to watching our favorite shows. With this convenience comes the increased risk of cyber-crime,” said Chief Information Security Officer Mike Wise. “Not only is your information at risk, but so is the security of the University data you come into contact with every day.”

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Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health Talks Fast Facts on Ebola Virus

Officials from the Georgia Southern University Pandemic Influenza and Emergency Infectious Disease Committee recently met to discuss community and campus preparedness and response related to infectious diseases such as the Ebola virus and Influenza. Isaac Fung, professor and infectious disease epidemiologist, and members of his staff, today gathered several fast facts to identify the infection and prevent its spread.

Dawn Garrigus (front) with her mom Kristy (left) and dad, Danny (right).

Staff Member’s Daughter Shares Special Moments with Actor Patrick Stewart

“Her face just lit up when she found out she was going to meet Patrick,” Garrigus said. “He was sitting at the table, and he got up and put his hands on her shoulders. They sat down and talked for what we figured, at the most, would be about a minute or two; however, he sat there and talked to her one-on-one for 15 to 20 minutes. It was amazing.”