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Governor Deal Issues New Policy for Travelers from Ebola-affected Countries

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced that Georgia will increase Ebola monitoring for all in-bound travelers from affected countries. Travelers will be screened at the airport by quarantine station medical personnel. This screening will include measuring temperature and checking for symptoms of Ebola and history of any exposure to known Ebola patients.

Herty Announces Launch of Consortium for Advanced Wood-to-Energy Solutions

The Georgia Southern University Herty Advanced Materials Development Center, Savannah, GA (Herty), U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment); and the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI (FPL); announced the launch of the Consortium for Advanced Wood-to-Energy Solutions (CAWES). The consortium’s goal is to spearhead development of commercially-viable, advanced wood-to-energy products that can be produced from low-value trees and forest residues that can compromise forest health and increase the frequency of wildfires.

Professor Adam Bossler is the University's Cyber Crime faculty expert.

Criminology Professor Shares Tips to Prevent Hacking and Cybercrime Attacks

In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the University sat down with Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology Professor Adam Bossler who also studies why people hack into computers and commit cybercrimes. Bossler shares a few tips and tricks to prevent Internet hacking and cybercrime attacks.


Office of Alcohol & Other Drugs Programs Observes National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week

“We hope that the events of the week will motivate students to drink responsibly, set healthy limits and never drive while under the influence of alcohol,” said Nicole Withers, administrative coordinator.

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Office of Information Security Shares 5 Tips to Safely Using Social Media

“Cyber Security is a constant factor in our lives. In today’s world, we are dependent on our online presence for everything from banking to watching our favorite shows. With this convenience comes the increased risk of cyber-crime,” said Chief Information Security Officer Mike Wise. “Not only is your information at risk, but so is the security of the University data you come into contact with every day.”

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