Believe It!

The Eagles’ Victory in The Swamp

The Eagles 2013 season came to an end with a win for the ages to go along with six FCS national championships. Georgia Southern closed out an amazing run through the FCS by knocking off the Florida Gators 26-20 on Nov. 23. The victory marked the first time Georgia Southern has beaten an FBS team. What an emotional and electrifying day on the field and in the stands as the Eagle Nation made history.

fla_Stadium fla_Getaway2 fla_Getaway fla_Helmets fla_Billboard fla_CoachHug fla_Fans fla_Prayer fla_SupposedToWin fla_Freedom
"The Swamp" Stadium
Jerick McKinnon scores the game-winning touchdown
Jerick McKinnon scores the game-winning touchdown
Zach Lonas and Garrett Frye celebrate with Jerick McKinnon
The final score
Time runs out and the Eagles rush the field
Eagles celebrate with fans
We're Supposed To WIN!
Eagles celebrate with Freedom

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