Letter From The Editor

Inviting a stranger into your home is one of the most intimate and selfless acts you can make. From hosting a surprise party for a friend to sharing Thanksgiving dinner with someone who would have otherwise been alone on the holiday, you know what taking that leap of faith feels like. And for that new guest, little compares with the feeling of embrace that an unexpected welcome and act of pure kindness evokes. That is one reason I take my new position as editor so seriously—being invited into the Eagle family is not an invitation I take lightly.

Personally, I’ve always felt most at home working for nonprofits. For more than 20 years, I have been lucky to have worked alongside colleagues dedicated to vital missions. As a member of several other college and university teams, I am proud of our combined efforts to support each student’s lifelong love of learning. Both my mother and grandmother were schoolteachers, and I share that passion for education. I believe our mission at Georgia Southern is not just to educate, but to embrace diversity and transform lives.

This is an important time in Georgia Southern’s history, and I feel honored to have the chance to share with you inspirational stories from students, faculty and alumni. Throughout this issue, it will be evident that Georgia Southern University not only has the state’s finest students and student-athletes, but the nation’s brightest and most creative scholars. And with students representing nearly 90 countries, international enrollment is growing (see One Student Body). From Nigeria to China, and Honduras to Moldova, the University is attracting undergraduate and graduate studies majors from around the globe, with our reputation as a Carnegie Doctoral/Research university devoted to academic distinction in teaching, scholarship, and service, as well as the Eagle’s renowned athletics programs (check out Sports).

Although our main focus remains the same—to inform, enrich and inspire—I hope all of us here at Georgia Southern magazine can offer you a fresh perspective. Like Southern’s own students and alumni, with each new issue we strive to stand out, not just fit in. I welcome your comments and ideas. It is through our collective vision that we create a more engaging magazine. I hope every time you receive your latest issue, or read Georgia Southern online, you feel even more connected to the University. After all, no matter where you’re from we’re all part of the Eagle family, as the University provides a solid foundation for learning, as well as a solid foundation for life.

Thank you again for inviting me into your “home.” I cherish the invitation.

Go Eagles!
Michael J. Soloway, Editor