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Fan Profile: Hadley Campbell


Hadley Campbell with fellow members of Georgia Southern’s chain gang

For the past dozen years, he has been a member of the chain gang, a dedicated team assisting the referees by handling the measuring chain and down indicator box during the Eagles’ football games. Campbell has a birds-eye view of every pass, fumble and interception right at the line of scrimmage, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’d rather be down there smelling the sweat and hearing the curses, part of the constant motion of cheerleaders, players and fans,” he said, talking about his preference for standing on the sidelines vs. stadium seating. However, the adrenaline of the sidelines can sometimes be offset by the dangers of the sport, says Campbell, acknowledging that he runs the risk of being banged up and bumped into by football players. “I usually get hit two or three times a year,” he said, “but there’s a great sense of camaraderie to being part of the entire Paulson football spectacle.”

Campbell’s passion for Georgia Southern is shared by his entire family. Many years ago, his mother, Audrey, was employed as a counselor at the University’s Counseling Center. She also managed orientation for new students, and is widely credited with the development of the present-day SOAR program. He and his wife Beverly (’76) began dating 40 years ago as high school students in Savannah, Ga., and enrolled together at Georgia Southern in 1972. Most importantly, the Campbells are the proud parents of graduates Jennifer and Jeff, with their youngest son Matthew currently an undergraduate.

With the spring semester drawing to a close, Campbell will soon begin gearing up for his 13th season on the sidelines with the chain gang. “This is our University and our town,” Campbell says excitedly, displaying his True Blue loyalty.

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