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Fan Profile: Chris Brennaman

Now that Chris Brennaman (’02) has turned his passion for writing into a career, he is giving much of the credit to his collegiate experiences at Georgia Southern University.

“I’m doing something really cool that’s reaching a lot of people and I got the tools to make that happen from Georgia Southern,” he says.

The broadcasting major has found his niche writing children’s stories for interactive storybooks, animation and video games for alive Studios, an educational design company in suburban Atlanta, Ga.

“I’m involved from start to finish with the creation of a program called “Storybooks alive: Ima Iguana, Treasure Hunter,” Brennaman says. “I write the story, the script for the animation and the dialogue for the video games. I also voice most of the characters that appear in the story.”

The downloaded digital book serves multiple purposes. Kids can read it, watch the animated scene that appears at the end of each page and even play a mini-game that enhances the action in the story. Brennaman explains the app that comes with the digital storybook is what makes his job at alive Studios so unique. “So far no one has taken the storybook and made it interactive to the extent we have,” he says. “With our app, you get a storybook that morphs into a cartoon, that then morphs into a game and then back to a storybook.”

Brennaman was heavily involved with student media when he attended the University, and says everything he learned here has shaped his entire life and not just his professional one. “I was given such a firm, powerful foundation that I guarantee will take me through my entire life. The professors and faculty at Georgia Southern literally changed my life the moment I stepped onto campus.”

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