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Fan profile: Jody Middleton and Bradley Odom

Jody Middleton (’12) and Bradley Odom (’01) haven’t forgotten their days as students at Georgia Southern University when both were actively involved with the Recreation Activities Center (RAC) and various intramural sports and fitness clubs.

Even though Middleton and Odom are no longer students, the two are still involved with Georgia Southern and attend most athletic events on campus. They also use their business, Swim.Bike.Run.Boro to work hand in hand with the RAC and Southern Adventures, as well as the cycling, triathlon and running clubs.

The two opened the specialty store, which carries swimming apparel, running gear and bicycling equipment, not only to continue their passion for athleticism and fitness, but also to give back to the community they came to love during their time at the University.

“I like the growth and direction Georgia Southern is going, and somebody like Jody and I, who are Southern graduates, are trying to do something to help community … We’re in it to help the community get more active and get fit,” Odom said.

“We’re just doing our best to give back to the community and get people involved with riding, running and swimming and just getting active,” Middleton added.
Odom, who grew up in Richmond Hill, Ga., said he began attending football games at Georgia Southern at just 8 years old. He knew at a young age he would always attend Georgia Southern to obtain his degree in health and physical education.

“I like the college atmosphere—I’m 35, but I still feel like I’m college age, even though I’m not,” he said with a laugh.

Middleton fell in love with Statesboro when he came here to obtain his degree in business management.

“I grew up in South Carolina, so I came here for school and liked the whole small town feel and felt at home here,” Middleton said. “I love riding bikes here, and I love the community and people. Everybody has been so willing to help. There is a real personal approach here—that’s what I like most about Georgia Southern and the community.”

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