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True Blue in Mexico


Dennis Deas (’84,) Ricky Deas (’77, ’84, ’87),
Julie Chapman (’88), Stuart Exley (’87) & Steve Shearouse (’68) share their True Blue spirit from Tapachula, Mexico. 
Shearouse, of Springfield, Georgia, is the Executive Director of Mission on the Move. He and his wife, Hope, run a boys and girls home for children whose parents are incarcerated. The Deas brothers, Chapman and Exley, along with others, spent the first week of August 2014 working in the homes and ministering to the children.

True Blue in Afghanistan

(U.S. Army National Guard photo by Capt. Mike Thompson/Released)
Georgia Southern University alumni 1st Lt. Harold Burgess, Capt. Mark Hodges, Col. Randall V. Simmons, Jr., Maj. Dan Chicola, 1st Lt. Kacey Cecil proudly display the school flag and are’True Blue’ from Camp Phoenix, Kabul, Afghanistan. The Georgia National Guard, 48th Infantry Combat Team Soldiers are on mission to transfer Camp Phoenix to the government of Afghanistan and provide
security missions in Kabul.