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Alyce Santoro’s Tonal Relativity opens at Center for Art & Theatre in November


A piece of work from Alyce Santoro’s series, Tonal Relativity, that will be on display in the University Gallery from Nov. 7 to Dec. 9.

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art will present Alyce Santoro’s Tonal Relativity in the University Gallery at the Center for Art and Theatre from Nov. 7 to Dec. 9. The community is invited on Nov. 10 to a 5 p.m. lecture given by Santoro in the Visual Arts building, room 2071, followed by a reception at 6 p.m. at the Center for Art and Theatre.

“Alyce’s exhibition is a must-see show of recent work by an artist whose driving force is to mix and commingle otherwise different mediums and disciplines,” said Gallery Director, Jason Hoelscher, MFA. “She makes paintings out of sound spectrums, writes books about the unspeakable and uses magnetic tape to create clothes and other objects that sing. Alyce is like some sort of an artist from the year 2050 who just happened to end up in 2016. Having her here to exhibit her work and to meet with our students is a real treat.”

Having set out early on to make subtle wonders of science and nature visible and/or audible, Santoro has come to explore the cultural phenomena that cause disciplines to be viewed as separate, and the ways that “social imaginaries” are formed and can shift. Her Tonal Relativity series uses a visual symbolic language to reveal patterns and interrelationships within a 12-tone musical system, and features work with both sonic and visual components.

“I playfully refer to many of my pieces as philosoprops,” said Santoro. “These are really tools or devices that are intended to be interpreted and/or implemented by those who encounter them. I am looking forward to sharing the Tonal Relativity project – a philosoprop that I hope musicians, visual artists and appreciators of these disciplines may find useful – with the Georgia Southern community.”

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