Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern participates in International Fraud Awareness Week


Georgia Southern University will participate in International Fraud Awareness Week, Nov.13 – 19, 2016. It is part of an effort by the University System of Georgia to promote an ethical culture and to bring awareness to the common and uncommon instances of fraud or ethical violations within the campus community.

“Georgia Southern University recognizes that an ethical, efficient and effective work environment is essential to our continued success in accomplishing our mission,” said Jaimie Hebert, Ph.D., University president. “Fraud directly impacts our stewardship responsibilities, as well as the well-being of our campus community.”

Throughout the week, the campus community will receive video messages from President Jaimie Hebert, Ph.D., and such offices as Human Resources, IT Security, Legal Affairs, and Audit and Advisory Services on stewardship, prevention, integrity, responsibility, inspiration, and trust.

“Companies and organizations that work to build and maintain ethical workplace cultures are more financially successful and have more motivated and more productive employees,” said Chief Audit Officer for Audit and Advisory Services Jana Briley,. “Organizations that build an ethical workplace culture consistently outperform organizations that do not.”

In addition to video messaging, posters and digital signage will be visible across campus and all faculty and staff will receive a tip card with reporting information.

For more information on Fraud Awareness Week, or to report a fraud or ethical violation, visit or call 1-877-516-3445. Members of the public are also encouraged to report.


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