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Georgia Southern’s Holly Edgar earns high title in USA Archery


Holly Edgar, assistant director of archery at the Georgia Southern Shooting Sports Education Center (SSEC) recently completed her certification to become a USA Archery Level 4-NTS Coach. She joins an elite group of only 150 others nationwide (only nine in Georgia), and was one of only 13 to complete the certification.

“Earning my Level 4-NTS Certification was a goal I had set for myself several years ago and was a tremendous accomplishment for me to achieve,” stated Edgar.“I have all intentions to continue my path of education and to get international experience so that I can one day earn my Level 5-NTS Certification, which is the highest certification you can get in USA Archery.”

The Level 4-NTS Coach certification is for Level 3-NTS coaches to advance their coaching skills and become eligible for USA Archery National Development Program and International Team Staff (ITS) positions. The Level 4-NTS coach learns how to educate future archers using sports science including psychology and biomechanics, emphasizing the National Training System (NTS).

Edgar’s journey started 12 years ago when she and her husband, Tim, involved their three sons (J.T., Collin and Todd) in archery. Almost immediately, she recognized a niche that she enjoyed and soon began helping other youth learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. In addition to technical skills, she taught confidence, self discipline, better physical conditioning and teamwork.

“It’s amazing what life skills the sport of archery can teach you,” she said. “Learning to set goals and then achieving them, then setting new goals and achieving those!”

Edgar turned her passion into a profession and took her knowledge and experience to earn her Level 2-NTS and Level 3-NTS Certifications.

Throughout her career, Edgar has worked with hundreds of youth ages 5 and up. Since becoming a Level 3-NTS coach, most of her protege have competed at the local and state level, with dozens of students earning podium positions. She has had three individual archers achieve national champion podiums; one archer even earned a place on the 2016 USA Archery World Indoor team. In 2016, she coached collegiate archers to a national title in the mixed team rounds.

Edgar hopes to continue to share knowledge with students to encourage others to shoot and to enjoy the benefits that go along with it.

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