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Georgia Southern University College of Business named a Key Institution in Business and Management Education Research

A recent study in the Journal of Education for Business ranked Georgia Southern’s College of Business No. 3 in the nation for productivity in business and management education (BME) research.

The study, “Key institutions in business and management education research,” analyzed  4,464 articles published by 7,210 authors across 17 BME journals over a 10-year period (2005-2014). This analysis included approximately 1,900 schools from around the world that are most active in BME research.

Though business schools are often criticized for operating in disciplinary silos, this article shows they are working to develop well-integrated business education, which helps undergraduate students solve business problems using multidisciplinary knowledge. It also places Georgia Southern among the best in this area.

“Georgia Southern occupies a unique position in the competitive marketplace, and that position requires that our faculty develop and our programs reflect an intellectual dexterity that is rare in business education,” said  Allen C. Amason, dean of the Georgia Southern College of Business. “Typically, business schools and faculty focus either on research or teaching.”

The mission of the Georgia Southern University College of Business is to produce career-ready professionals through programs characterized by inspired teaching, relevant research and meaningful service. Through faculty research and scholarship, students are receiving the knowledge that informs theory, practice and teaching in the classroom.

Amason continued, “While many give lip service to balancing the two, the concept of such a balance is problematic and difficult to achieve. So, rather than follow others in talking about balance, we have intentionally chosen to focus on integrating research and teaching. We recruit and incentivize faculty who are outstanding teachers and scholars, who can translate cutting-edge theories and concepts into practical, classroom applications, and who find opportunities to use the classroom as a setting for their research.”

Amason says the ranking validates the intentional work of the College of Business and its faculty to grow Georgia Southern’s reputation as a place for serious teacher-scholars.

“This ranking is merely a reflection of our ongoing effort to integrate research and teaching, and to develop a unique identity at the intersection of the two,” Amason added. “We believe this is a distinctive feature of our strategy that provides benefits to our students. It is also a key element of our value proposition, as we attract and recruit faculty and as we develop the brand of the college.”



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