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Georgia Southern’s Statesboro Campus celebrates state Arbor Day

Georgia Southern University celebrates Georgia’s Arbor Day Friday, Feb. 15.

The Georgia Southern University Statesboro Campus is a little greener now thanks to the efforts of students, faculty and staff who took time to plant trees in celebration of Georgia’s Arbor Day.

The University’s Center for Sustainability (CfS) and Division of Facilities Services teamed up with volunteers to plant 75 trees this year in Jones Lane Park across from the Herty Pines Preserve off Highway 301, including two special trees.

“Today’s Arbor Day celebration is extra special because on our Statesboro Campus, we are planting a Liberty Holly and a Savannah Holly tree to acknowledge that we’re one University with three campuses,” said Lissa Leege, Ph.D., director of the CfS.

Georgia celebrates Arbor Day on the third Friday of February each year. While the national celebration takes place in April, the subtropical climate in Georgia is far more hospitable to plant life earlier in the year.

In addition to the benefits trees provide, like clean air, wildlife habitat and energy conservation, among others, Leege considers planting trees an investment in the community.

“Any time you plant a tree, you’re planning for the future,” she said. “A hundred years from now, there will still be benefits from the trees that we’re planting today.”

The CfS and Division of Facilities Services have teamed up to plant trees in celebration of Arbor Day for eight years on the Statesboro Campus. Previously, trees have been planted in the Herty Pines Nature Preserve, at the Shooting Sports Education Center and on the University’s South Campus location near Veterans Memorial Parkway.


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