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Georgia Southern University offers new tool to match course credits for military experience

A military student talks with a Georgia Southern employee.

Georgia Southern University is making it easier for active-duty military or veterans to find out what courses they can receive credit for based on their previous military experience.  

The university’s new widget, available at, asks for information like the branch of military served in, highest level of experience and job title to determine what Georgia Southern courses match their experience. The tool is available to prospective or current students, and it provides an immediate response with courses for which someone may receive credit. 

Military Education and Outreach Coordinator retired Sgt. Maj. Bill Gammon works with current and prospective students to create a plan based on their choice of major and determine which courses work best for their path. Credit will be awarded after an individual evaluation is completed. 

“The biggest benefit is that it doesn’t require them to take classes in things that they’re already well-experienced in,” Gammon said. “It helps them expedite their way through their college experience here to their final goal.”

The more military experience someone has, the more credits they could potentially receive, he noted. Most everyone participating in this program will receive credit for a kinesiology course due to the physical training required in all military branches.

Georgia Southern works with the American Council on Education to determine which military training or job equals a college course. Gammon noted experience and credits from the Air Force are slightly different because airmen take college courses through the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), but with the university’s GEM Program, they can complete their CCAF degrees. 

A student can also make a decision to accept or deny a credit based on their confidence in the subject area. 

“Maybe you’ve been out of the military for five or six years and your experience qualifies you for credit in a class like algebra, but you’d rather take it as a refresher, you can certainly do that,” Gammon said. 

This new tool and course credit offering only furthers the university’s commitment to the success of Georgia Southern’s military-affiliated students, he added.

“Military and veteran students are a valuable asset to any university, and this program and tool will be beneficial to them,” said Gammon. “The more services we provide them to make their transition easier coming out of the military, the more they’re going to be successful.”

The database of courses is large and continuously updated, so students may match additional courses not shown when using the tool. A representative from the Military Resource Center will contact those who inquire so a plan can be tailored to a student’s specific needs.


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