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Ancient North American beasts subject of next edition of Science on Tap

A conversation about mastodons will be the next iteration of the Georgia Southern University College of Science and Mathematics’ (COSM) lecture series, Science on Tap. Geology professor Kathlyn Smith, Ph.D., will present “Beast Coast vs. Best Coast: Chronicling the lives of North American mastodons” at Savannah Coffee Roasters on Feb. 18 at 6 p.m.

“I chose this topic for my presentation because mastodons are the main focus of my research and the fossils that I most enjoy studying and talking about,” Smith said. “Mastodons were a major presence in Georgia back during the ice age.”

Mastodons were ancient mammals that were similar in build to African elephants. Smith will explain what mastodons were, where they lived, why they went extinct and the major differences between mastodons found in the Southeastern United States versus those on the west coast. 

“I think anyone, child or adult, who is curious about Earth’s distant past will find something interesting in this talk,” she said.

Associate Dean of COSM Brent Feske said Science on Tap is a great way for the general public to develop an interest in various scientific concepts.

“Science on Tap is pouring science into the community,” Feske said. “While the lecture is given by an expert, the target audience is anyone in the community regardless of their scientific background. We choose venues such as bars and coffee shops to host our meeting to allow the audience to relax, have a drink of their choice and enjoy the presentation.”

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