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Georgia Southern senior art exhibition transports viewers to new reality

Four senior art students on the Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus in Savannah will showcase their ability to transport viewers to a new reality in the exhibition “Anywhere but Here,” which will be on display in the Fine Arts Gallery from March 22 to April 9.

“Anywhere But Here” is a small collection of dreamy and unusual pieces. Audiences can expect to view various mediums including digital, paintings, fibers and collages.

Senior Kaelyn Pettus said she hopes her work will provide people with an opportunity to briefly escape their current surroundings.

“The past year has shown us how quickly everything can change from normal to extremely uncertain and even a little scary,” Pettus said. “Art is a wonderful and comforting outlet during unprecedented times, an escape from the reality and pressures of the real world.”
Works by other senior artists Mary Beth Dukes, Nia Ford and Alessandra Roccapriore are also featured in the exhibition.

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