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Market on Main to showcase Georgia Southern student entrepreneurs

Nearly 50 student entrepreneurs from Georgia Southern University will showcase their products, goods or services on Friday, Aug. 27, at 6 p.m. in downtown Statesboro during the first-ever Market on Main. 

The event, hosted by the Square One student organization, is an opportunity for student entrepreneurs, business owners and creators to promote their business or projects they’re working on, said Benjamin Youngstrom, a business management student and president of Square One at Georgia Southern. 

After a student entrepreneur reached out to Square One looking for opportunities in the area to start selling their work, Youngstrom and Emma Tirlot, vice president of Square One who is studying international trade, wondered how many other student entrepreneurs were interested in the same thing. 

“We decided to instead of just having a small market, we wanted to create what is really a demonstration and a celebration of student entrepreneurs, student business owners and student traders as the people who really do develop the businesses that drive us forward,” he said. 

Youngstrom and Tirlot set out to plan this market and have recruited student vendors, secured sponsors, coordinated food trucks and music and worked to advertise the event, among other things. 

“I have learned a lot about marketing, which is going to definitely be very useful in my career,” said Tirlot. “Learning about event planning as a whole and being able to manage all the students and make sure they’re going to be successful is really important. I want to have a career in mentorship and consulting, and so being able to help those students out is really, really good practice for me.”

The market, which is family- and pet-friendly, will be set up along East Main Street in downtown Statesboro featuring a variety of student-run businesses including bakers, artists, jewelry designers and personal trainers. Additionally, local bands will play music, and food and drinks will be available for purchase. Cash and cards are accepted.

Square One’s goal is to promote the businesses and creative endeavors of local students. Youngstrom believes that entrepreneurship is one of the most important paths that students can take. 

“The word entrepreneur is vogue — everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but nobody knows what that means,” Youngstrom said. “Nobody knows what it takes or really puts in that work. So we want to bring out people who have that motivation and that drive who are already building their business or have an idea for a business. We want to equip them with everything they need to truly go out and become an entrepreneur, to take those skills, passion, ideas, and build a great business.” 


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