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Ending on a high note: Georgia Southern Chorale from Gretsch School of Music triumphant in international competition

The Georgia Southern Chorale celebrates their victory in the Sing Berlin! International Choir Competition & Festival. The ensemble has been in Germany since July 4th, and returned July 17.

The Georgia Southern Chorale, a choir of 30 students from Georgia Southern University’s Fred and Dinah Gretsch School of Music, earned top spots in an international choir competition this week in Germany. The group’s scores were nearly perfect, and the highest scores in the Chorale’s history in this particular competition.

As part of a 14-day trip to Germany, the students participated in the “Sing Berlin!” International Choir Competition & Festival featuring professional, university and community choirs from around the world. The choir qualified thanks to success in previous international competitions.

“I’m so proud of the Georgia Southern Chorale,” said John Kraft, Ph.D., interim dean for the College of Arts and Humanities. “Their performance in Germany was world class. They truly deserve their accolades.”

The Georgia Southern Chorale placed first in the “Sacra” and “Mixed Choir” categories.

The group won in their respective categories in the same competition in recent years. Shannon Jeffreys, D.M.A., director of Choral Activities, called Germany a place of “good luck” for the Chorale.

‘They brought their A-game, and they delivered with grace and humility,” she said. “The spirit of this ensemble is to always bring their best. When it’s time to put on a show, this group puts on a show.”

Jackson Murray, a senior with a double major in music education and vocal performance, traveled to Germany for the second time with the choir.

Before leaving, he was looking forward to relaxing more this time around. Now, he’s enjoying a trip while celebrating an international victory.

“All we’ve done since the competition is celebrate and have a good time,” he said. “I’ve really had the best of both worlds. I’ve won a competition and now I’m on vacation. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Jeffreys said she’s not only impressed with the talent of the team, but the camaraderie the members share. Many of the students haven’t participated in a trip like this before, but the students acted as diplomats for their school.

“This choir this year is incredible not only in singing and spirit, but also unity,” Jeffreys said. “Being together in a small group like this for two weeks can be difficult, but I’m so proud of how they’ve gotten along and diversified their friend groups and have gotten to know each other.”

The choir departed for Germany on July 4 and returned July 17.

For more information about the Georgia Southern Chorale and their trip, visit here.


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