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‘Old Glory’ gets upgrade on Georgia Southern Statesboro Campus

For more than 60 years, the American flag has been raised and lowered every day on the same flag pole on Sweetheart Circle. Mike Markovcic works on Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro Campus, and has been responsible for the flag for the past few of those years.

“You’re going up there every morning bringing the flag up and taking the flag down at nighttime, and trying to keep it off the dirt,” Markovcic said. “A lot of people died for that flag. That flag means a lot.”

This flag pole was first planted back in 1958. Aged over decades, the old pole was ready for retirement and replacement.

For nearly 10 years, Markovcic had been campaigning for a new flagpole for Sweetheart Circle. Just recently, when the proper materials for a suitable display were finally received, the new flagpole was installed.

While the pole is within a foot of the same height as the old one, there are new features to help the emblem stand out, including a spotlight.

“It looks good in the focal point of campus,” Markovcic said. “It just looks good at nighttime with a flag. Now you’re able to see the flag at nighttime when you go around Sweetheart Circle and it will catch your eye.”

According to federal guidelines, the American flag cannot be left on a flagpole at night. However, there is an exception: it can stay out and stay raised if there’s a light shining on it.

The American flag waving at the heart of campus will now be available for night photos, thanks to the new spotlight.

Georgia Southern University replaced an American flag pole dating back to the 1950’s. The replacement comes at the recommendation of an employee responsible for raising and lowering the flag at Sweetheart Circle.

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