Wildlife Center Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

The Center for Wildlife Education and Lamar Q Ball, Jr. Raptor Center is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Located on the Statesboro Campus, the wildlife center supports Georgia Southern University’s environmental education programs. Since opening two decades ago, the Center for Wildlife Education has expanded from four-and-a-half acres to 18 acres as a showcase for reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds of prey including eagles, hawks and falcons. The Center is also home to a waterfowl pond, cypress swamp and other displays. The latest highlight is the invasive species exhibit, “Under Attack,” which features species that are not native to Georgia. The exhibit examines their impact on native species, the economy and the quality of life in the region. Species in the exhibit include a Burmese python, the feral hog, mosquitoes, lion fish and many others.

girl holding a giant cockroach up to the camera
eagle standing on the ground looking to the left
person holding up a possum to the camera
a hawk flying to the left
someone holding up a small crocodile
an owl flying straight towards the camera