• Georgia Southern Welcomes Kyle Marrero as Its 14th President

    On April 1, 2019, Georgia Southern welcomed Dr. Kyle Marrero as the 14th president of the University. Marrero hit the ground running and spent his first few days visiting each campus, dining with students, meeting the University’s bald eagle mascot, briefing Faculty Senate, learning more about various initiatives, finalizing the university’s budget, reviewing campus efficiency…

  • Georgia Southern in the Fastlane

    Whether it’s behind the scenes or on the track, Georgia Southern students and alumni love the world of racing. What draws them to this fast-paced career path? We found a few people to talk about their need for speed. Jordan Feider DIRT TRACK RACER AND NURSING STUDENT “I was raised in the racing world” Jordan…

  • Revitalizing Statesboro – Double Eagle Mayor Leads Community to New Era

    It’s an exciting time to be mayor of Statesboro, Georgia. Mayor Jonathan McCollar (’03, ’07) is busy with his “day job” as assistant director of the Liberty Campus plus his many mayoral duties. But he doesn’t mind all the work. Being at the helm for some of that largest development projects in Statesboro’s history is…

  • Trailblazer – A Beacon of Light for Non-English Speaking Patients

    “Imagine being sick in an unfamiliar environment and unable to speak or understand English,” says alumna Elena Santamaria. “Suddenly, someone walks into your room offering a friendly greeting in Spanish and asking, ‘How may I help you today?’ Immediately, they smile and you can see they feel safe and less anxious.” Santamaria confronted that situation…

  • Education Was My Mother and My Father – Georgia Southern’s Sudanese ‘lost Boys’ Bring Hope and Healing to Their Homeland

    Few people understand the transformative power of education better than Georgia Southern student Abraham Awuol Deng, and alumnus Abraham Deng Ater (’18). Both enrolled in the Doctor of Public Health program at Georgia Southern in an effort to complete a long, seemingly impossible academic journey that began in the most horrific conditions imaginable — the…

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