• Breaking the Waves

    BREAKING THE WAVES Barbara Melvin Breaks the Glass Ceiling to Become First Female CEO of South Carolina Ports As the first female CEO of the South Carolina Port Authority, Barbara Melvin (’92) has navigated a compelling journey from the peach orchards of Fort Valley, Georgia, to the bustling docks of Charleston. Her story of success…

  • Gracie's Corner

    A Journey of Unexpected Turns

    From Georgia Southern’s Chemistry Labs to YouTube’s Global Stage Javoris Hollingsworth’s (’07) story of internet stardom began in Jeffersonville, Georgia, about 20 miles from Macon. “Jeffersonville is a very small town where everybody knows everybody else,” Hollingsworth said as he reminisced about growing up there, and the Sundays he spent in church with his grandmother.…

  • Wes Wheeler Jr.

    From Eagle to Eagle Eye

    While Chicago is a beautiful city, with towering skylines and magnificent waterways, it also has a long history of violent crime and corruption. Many of America’s most notorious criminals — from gangsters like Al Capone and John Dillinger to serial killers like H.H. Holmes, John Wayne Gacy and the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski — hailed from…

  • Soaring Style

    SOARING STYLE Georgia Southern Interior Design Program Produces Leading Professionals Interior designers are passionate about their profession. They enjoy creating living and working environments that are functional, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. But pursuing a career in this complex field takes more than creativity, it requires specialized skills. In Georgia Southern’s interior design program,…

  • President Marrero at the Together We Soar event

    Together We Soar

    Georgia Southern University has always been an institution known for its commitment, tenacity and devotion, not only to the students it serves but also to the alumni, friends and communities transformed by its impact. In a concerted effort to expand its reach and influence in southeast Georgia and beyond, the University has embarked on a…

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